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Our Social Corporate Responsibility

“I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done.” But often one does not really get down to actively doing something. And the truth is you can spend a lot of time making money. The tough times comes when you have to give it away properly.

We were touched by the nobility and dedication of the Divya Prem Sewa Mission, who work selflessly towards building the future of the children of leprosy patients. The children live in the ashram and are given free education by the Mission’s volunteers. A clean environment, love, books, clothes, health care,guidance; in fact most of what we would want to provide a child with.

The Mission also started the Swami Vivekananda Institute of Management, affiliated to the Uttarakhand Open University (UGC Approved University). A group of volunteers provide professional education to the youth and help them develop their skills and talents to equip them carve a better tomorrow.

They believe in the philosophy of teaching the man how to catch the fish and feed him for life, rather than give him food for a day!

This is where you come in. Every time you make a booking on, a small amount from the billed amount is automatically contributed towards the charity. While you get the competitive rates and an excellent partner to work with, we part with a small share of the net profit generated from India market and contribute towards Divya Prem Mission.

Indeed, "On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers." and we are proud to be associated with Versys Travel who have such fine values.Thank you to them, and to you for your kind patronage...and for taking the time to read this message.

“Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it is addressed to someone else”. - Ivern Ball

Our Social Corporate Responsibility: Welcome
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